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Replacement Parts Policy

7/22/2016 by The Chosen Prime

At times, replacement parts are necessary due to factory defects or damages in transit.  This process can take some time due to the chain of communication and process the manufacturers use for us as your retailer to obtain these parts.  If a replacement part is necessary, we must provide photos of the issue with a description of the problem to the manufacturer in order to obtain a replacement part(s).  However, this does not mean the part will be shipped out immediately, as the manufacturer will generally send any replacement parts with a future shipment of product to avoid the cost of sending such an item by itself.  If no future shipments are planned within 30-45 days, we will request parts to be shipped out to us at that time.

We understand that this process can be frustrating and tedious and we mirror your sentiment, but we do ask that you remain patient during the process as it is often, if not always beyond our control.  We will always have your best interest in mind and look to rectify any problems as quickly as possible.

To make a request please submit any necessary photos of the request along with this downloadable form (Quality Control Request Form Download) and email the submission to  We will then immediately notify the manufacturer of the problem and begin the process to supply the parts necessary to fix your item.

The Chosen Prime will send any replacement parts on hand with future orders as they become available, however we will ship parts out immediately if requested.