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Roller's Stash

Rollers Stash is a system designed to allow buyers the luxury of combining shipments to save money and get your items when you are ready to receive them. This system is in place for customers to order items and keep in them in our warehouse until the customer is ready to receive their items.  This system works especially well for international customers and customers who frequently Pre-Order items and would like to ship in stock items with them.


Roller’s Stash is very simple and here are the guidelines:

 -           To Use Rollers Stash select “Yes, Let Roller Hold My Stash” in Step 1 of the checkout process.

 -          When you would like to ship Your Stash, Just email us and let us know!

 -          All In Stock items will be charged at the time of purchase

 -          Pre-Order items are charged at the time of arrival to us.

 -          Shipping Costs will be calculated when you decide to Ship Your Stash


-          Roller’s Stash will automatically be shipped after 180 days at which time a shipping quote will be given and any remaining charges will need to be paid.


Just make sure to check the appropriate box in step 1 of the Checkout Process and Roller will take care of the rest!

If you want to ship part of your stash at any point, please just send us an email with the items you would like to ship and we will follow up with a rate quote and get your items shipped right away.