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Takara Diaclone Reboot DA-26 WARUDER DARK CATHODE TYPE

Takara Diaclone Reboot DA-26 WARUDER DARK CATHODE TYPE

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Estimated Release Date

September 2018

Takara Diaclone Reboot DA-26 WARUDER DARK CATHODE TYPE

Waruder Suit - Dark Cathode type is a mobile infantry machine with color reversal exterior with the same model of "Flinger" and "Stang". They are called "Dark Flinger" and "Darkstunge" respectively. As a result of disassembly analysis of the captured fuselage by the Diacron scientific research team, it was found out that the same type exterior color negative / positive airplanes had a pair relationship with the attributes of cathode (cathode) and anode (anode), Yin & Yang 2 This cooperation triggers a troublesome function such as a completely variable sync attack and generation of an optical barrier with strong defense power. 

In the dark cathode type, when it is a single body, it carries out an energy absorption attack that winds the tail unit around and targets the tail unit and supplies energy to the aircraft where the output is lowered, and when it coalesces, it plays an efficient energy control function between the coupling units It has the function to bring about the super-amplification effect of total power.

Waruder suit is also a machine that runs with freezone energy and power amplification effect is achieved by freezone generator resonance activation theory like the Diacron Mechanism. The maximum power and destructive power of optical weapons will rapidly increase with the number of connections. In the case of exceeding the control critical value <super-agglomeration state (so-called "overdose")>, the terrible power is said to be incompatible even if you have the average Diacron's strength. In a fighting maneuver to multi-prize, it must crush and crush at a small coupling stage before reaching the non-polar power activation phase. 
fight! Our Diacron! !

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