The Chosen Prime will buy your Collection for Cash!

If you are looking to consolidate or sell your collection we would like the opportunity to purchase your items.  Anything from G1 to Current, Import to 3rd Party, G.I. Joe to Hot Toys we are interested in purchasing them from you.

All items must be complete with boxes, accessories, instructions, etc. We are not purchasing loose items at this time.   

Below is an outline of the buying process that we will utilize to organize and evaluate the items and then a formal offer will be made. 
1.  Please send an organized list (Download Sample Form Here) of what you would like to sell with an Accurate Description, Condition, Quantity of each.  For your benefit, be as descriptive and organized as possible.  Please submit your list along with photos to [email protected].

2.  We may ask additional photos, more clear descriptions or other information on the pieces.

3.Once we have the information necessary we will evaluate the items and formulate a price on the entire group and submit the offer to you in an email.

4.If you choose to accept the offer you will be sent a sales contract to sign and send back to us via scanned copy or fax.

5.A Shipping label will be created based upon the box(es) and dimensions you provide to us and the items will be shipped to us at no cost to you.  We will not be responsible for any overages in cost based on mis-information, inaccurate descriptions, weights or dimensions and we reserve the right to deduct any of these costs from the purchase price of the items.

6.Your Payment will be sent via PayPal or Zelle (Your Choice) within 7 days of receipt and final inspection of the package(s) by us.

The Fine Print:  The Chosen Prime reserves the right to not buy any and all pieces.  The Chosen Prime does not buy or promote Counterfeit items and reserves the right to hand over any counterfeit items to authorities with the full intention of prosecution of the seller of such items.  The Chosen Prime does reserve the right to re-evaluate any items upon receipt if the item is not as described.  The Chosen Prime is not responsible for items damaged in shipping so be sure to package everything carefully to avoid any final evaluation deductions.