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ThreeZero Variable Action Hi-SPEC United Future GPX Cyber Formula ASURADA G.S.
ThreeZero Variable Action Hi-SPEC United Future GPX Cyber Formula ASURADA G.S.

ThreeZero Variable Action Hi-SPEC United Future GPX Cyber Formula ASURADA G.S.

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ThreeZero Variable Action Hi-SPEC United Future GPX Cyber Formula ASURADA G.S.

Avengers Variable Action Hi-SPEC United Future GPX Cyber Formula Asurada G.S.

From the science-fiction anime ‘Future GPX Cyber Formula,’ threezero and Megahouse are thrilled to announce VARIABLE ACTION Hi-SPEC UNITED FUTURE GPX CYBER FORMULA ASURADA G.S.X, which is available for pre-order starting on Friday, Feb 4, 2022 at noon (HKT)!


VA Hi-SPEC ASURADA G.S.X is threezero’s first groundbreaking vehicle model developed under threeMega, which is a collaboration brand between threezero and MegaHouse. It is redesigned by threezero's creative director Kelvin Sau, retaining the traditional shape of Asurada G.S.X with added mechanical details on the surface. This high-end car model has enhanced playability with many moveable features, and a deliberate sophisticated approach introduces the racecar with a striking and innovative new presentation.


VA Hi-SPEC ASURADA G.S.X is a 1/18 scale collectible die-cast model, with approximate dimensions of 24.3cm L x 12.5cm W x 5.6cm H (9.5”L x 5”W x 2”H). Its advanced moveable parts include hinged side doors and openable roof, a boost pod lift feature, a pair of rear wings that can be folded/unfolded, a pair of rear hatches that flips open to reveal the interior turbine fans, an opening fuel cover, all four wheels that can revolve, and front wheels that can turn directions.


LED functions are located in both the headlights and tail lights, control panel, and boost pod. VA Hi-SPEC ASURADA G.S.X includes a model display base that accurately replicates the racing track from the anime. When the model is placed on the base, different modes of lighting effects can be selected with the available buttons.


The body of VA Hi-SPEC ASURADA G.S.X is mainly made of zinc alloy (die-cast), POM, and ABS, and is painted with metallic coating. The die-cast enhances the weight and durability of the vehicle model and is combined with engineering plastic at the movable joints in order to increase the functionality of moving parts. The wheels are made of a soft PVC material to replicate a realistic rubber tire texture. A Hayato Kazami figure, with helmet, articulation, and detailed paint, is also included; which can be placed inside the vehicle model.


[Kelvin Sau’s concept of Asurada G.S.X: (The designer)]

When I first watched the anime Cyber Formula, Asurada G.S.X impressed me and became my favorite racecar design, so it was my honor to have the opportunity to redesign this beautiful work by Kawamori-sensei and make this model in collaboration with ‘Megahouse,’ who I am a big fan of. And Sunrise was also very generous in accepting my redesign with almost no retakes. In redesigning it, I have kept the original design of Asurada G.S.X while incorporating some modern elements, such as sharpness, angles, curves, and layers of mechanical details on the surface. As for the color scheme, where the anime's design was in a tricolor, since this design has details and panel lines added, the coloring of the white areas and the grey areas were given slightly different colors per different panels to make it more realistic. Due to the help and effort of the development team, and also due to the precious advice from both MegaHouse and Sunrise, we were able to make a contemporary new presentation of the car design, honoring the original design that has been loved by the Cyber Formula fans for 30 years.



[Wise Chan’s comments on Asurada G.S.X: (The engineer)]

We had spent over a year on research and development for this Asurada G.S.X model. Threezero has many years of experience on mechanical design before this project, so we were able to pour in those techniques into this merchandise. Regarding the 3D modeling and development, we worked on it very carefully and delicately; because even a subtle change in the wrong direction could affect the whole appearance and potentially ruin the beauty of the original anime version's design. To enhance playability of the merchandise, we applied many moveable features, and we also of course wanted it to have light-up functions, so to enhance that further, we decided to add a special base in the form of a racing track which adds complicated lighting patterns when the Asurada G.S.X is placed on the base. I hope the customers who purchased this will have a great time playing around with it!



[Ping Chan’s comments on Asurada G.S.X: (The painter)]

While maintaining the color scheme as seen in Kelvin’s design illustrations of the redesigned Asurada G.S.X, I wanted to adopt a metallic coating to it. The purpose of this was to surely highlight the delicate mechanical details which have been added in this design. I believe it was a success in making the cutting-edge style of this car model to stand out, which our designer Kelvin had spent a lot of time on.


threezero and Marvel Studios are thrilled to introduce the next Marvel DLX action figure. DLX Iron Man Mark 46 features the classic red and gold color scheme and an authentic likeness of the sleek armor as seen in the movie Captain America: Civil War.

This fully-articulated collectible figure stands at 6.9” (~17.5cm) tall and is constructed of threezero’s renown DLX die-cast system with over 48 points of articulation. With threezero’s specialized engineering, DLX Iron Man Mark 46 can easily recreate various action poses including the character’s signature landing pose.

Arm rockets can be fixed onto both forearms, and two lighting functions are located on the figure in both the chest and the eyes. The four air flaps on the back can be flipped open or closed, and effects parts are included for both shooting poses and flying repulsion. The Infinity Saga – DLX Iron Man Mark 46 figure also includes five pairs of interchangeable hands and one DLX action stand.


l   Developed under the threeMega collaboration brand of threezero and Megahouse

l   Redesigned by threezero creative director Kelvin Sau

l   1/18 scale collectible die-cast model

l   Approximate dimensions of 24.3cm L x 12.5cm W x 5.6cm H

l   Painted with metallic finish

l   LED light-up features* installed at headlights, tail lights, control panel, and boost pod



l   Side doors

l   Roof

l   Boost pod

l   A pair of rear wings that can be folded/unfolded

l   A pair of rear hatches that opens to reveal the interior turbine fans

l   Fuel cover

l   Revolving wheels

l   Rotating front wheels



l   One (1) Hayato Kazami action figure

l   One (1) display base with control buttons for special light-up modes

* LED FEATURES requires AAA batteries x 3 and AG13 batteries x 3 (Batteries Not Included)

* Zinc alloy (die-cast), POM, ABS, and PVC

* Final product may vary from prototype images.

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