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Can you find me?

Posted by TCP on 5/23/2014 to Product Spotlight
If you were able to stumble upon this page then you've found me.
First one to text the Season, Episode & Time where the image came from, will win a prize. ;)
Send me a text here: phone 602.708.3091
Win a TF4:AoE Voyager Grimlock.
Like us on Facebook too.

Brand New Transformers: Age of Extinction Theatrical Trailer

Posted by Administrator on 5/15/2014 to Takara

The Prime Directives

Posted by TCP on 5/13/2014 to Product Spotlight
We here at The Chosen Prime would like to thank you for your support. As such, we give you The Prime Directives...
For being a customer of ours, you get to have the following:
  • Free Continental US shipping for orders of $150 and over.
  • Same day shipping.
  • No upfront cost for all preorders.
  • Prime Points Rewards. Earn a $5 gift certificate for every $150 purchase. Stackable too.
  • Roller's Stash - combine your orders and maximize savings.

Product Spotlight: Mastermind Creations R-01D Terminus Hexatron Shadow Emissary

Posted by TCP on 5/11/2014 to Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Mastermind Creations R-01D Terminus Hexatron Shadow Emissary

Lifted form the Feralcon comic book comes Terminus Hexatron Shadow Emissary. Lurks in the darkness, an assassin, ready to take bots out cold, and disappear as if nothing had happened.


This is a limited edition figure in black and green metallic highlights. It comes with new helmet without the facemask, as well as new bladed weapons. Still have all six transformation modes.

We only have a limited number of Pre-Order spots, so make sure that you Pre-Order early. Don't forget that we have the "Prime Directives," so make sure to take advantage of them.

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